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This is in Farmington right?  What time? What's the cost? How many at a table? 
A full table or less than full?
 Are there prizes for food or table decorating? Will there be childcare? Would 
a sarcastic 10 year old be welcomed or is this adults only? Is there a Holiday 
Inn Express near by?  Could we have the entire place sing Happy Birthday to my 

I don't think we could make a day of it Saturday, but maybe spend the night and 
something on Sunday.

Looks like we'd almost have a team already. 


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    Our trivia night is set for Feb. 23rd which is on a Saturday. It is right 
next to the final for GC15RNQ . I would love to see a team Slaga there! If you 
get a team together maybe we can make a day of caching down here prior to the 
game. For the record as far as I know there are NO LPCs down this way! 
    Thanks for all the great ideas. I won't say what if any ideas will be used, 
 but I will say it sure helped to generate some good discussions!


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