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  • Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 23:51:42 -0500

Well gee..  Merry Christmas to them too huh?

We'll definitely be thinking of you guys. A good friend lost her Arkansas 
car part job to Mexico too.  She  took advantage of the schooling and got a 
2 year degree in computer science. She wouldn't haven't done that had she 
not had the . "opportunity."  It's hard to stay positive -- but TRY! (She 
also got a divorce and married a guy she met on the Internet...)

We are also facing  the same situation -- Tom's plant is slowly packing up 
and sending the St. Louis production to Mexico.  The only "good" thing for 
us is that we'll have  had well over a year (hopefully two) of warning and 
have (hopefully) been able to gear up for it. (We have a lot of "Hope" going 
on here).  Next year this time we'll have lived through a few life changing 
situations. Just trying to stay positive.  He just keeps trying to look at 
EVERYTHING as an opportunity -- whether it's a chat with a the neighbor up 
the street, a stranger in Home Depot or a business trip to Sioux Falls (a 
town that really  needs more geocaches BTW).

Hang in there! We'll keep you guys in our prayers (most especially since we 
now know you in "real life" too!)


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From: "Jen"
> -
> Bad news for us.  Matt just was told his company is going to the Global 
> Market Place.
> What a Christmas present, starting layoffs Dec. 23.  Can you believe the 
> company has the nerve to also tell everyone that their annual Christmas 
> party will still be held.
> Just don't know about these companies sending jobs to Mexico, etc.
> About 4 months ago the company sold a department out to Mexico.  So we 
> were guessing the rest would be going, but no official word from the 
> company until today.
> Not sure what we are going to do yet.
> Jen


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