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NOT GEOCACHING RELATED...  Well, it could be. 

I need to liquidate some stuff quickly. Will post for friends  here then 
Craig's list tomorrow. 

Joanna needs to get rid of her Maroon/Grey  1999 AWD Toyota Rav4. If you have 
known me for a while you,  know this car.  She got a Trailblazer a while back 
and we just don't need 3 cars. This is an unstoppable tank. I have tried to get 
is stuck but it keeps going. 

It still looks runs good, looks pretty good but it does need some maintenance 
to pass inspection again.  One of our kids drove it the last year or so and let 
a lot of things go that needed repairs. He did always change the oil and it was 
just changed but thats about all. 

I have never seen balder tires. If you look closely you can see the air in 
them.  I am sure that it needs brakes done before winter and the worst item is 
the CV joints/axles need changed. They are still strong but one side is making 
a ghastly noise.  The mechanic  does not think it will fail but still should be 
replaced soon.  It sounds bad but the parts are about 80/side and 45 min to 
change out. I did the same job on my old volvo while sitting in the driveway. 
Half hour /side and we were done. I helped (actually I held the light for my 
mechanic buddy. He will not let me operate a wrench even tho I have seen one 

Bottom line is if you are handy this could be operational quickly and 
relatively inexpensively and should run another 300-400K miles. Thats what 
toyotas do. 

Kelley Blue Book reviews. 

rates 4.7 out of 5,  I would say that this is in "fair" condition because of 
the needed repairs. 

KBB claims these would be worth $5800 in excellent condition, $5400 in good and 
$4500 in fair condition.  We don't want to haggle and play the used car game. 
Come up with a good offer about $2k  and drive it away.   This will be a good 
car for someone willing to fix it up. 

I have pictures I will send off list. 


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