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Tim, we wish the best for Molly and hope for a speedy recovery. 


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We just wanted to let everyone know what is going on with Molly. She has had a 
major set back in her leg healing. One of the four screws holding the plate 
broke. She spent the last two days at the hospital; she got to come home today. 
They put a splint on her leg. This is the same leg that hasn’t healed for the 
last year and a half. The good news is since the last time she had surgery a 
new substance has become available that promotes bone growth. The problem the 
doctor is running into is it is so new that it is very hard to get. He hopes to 
get it next week.  Once he gets it he will go in and remove the plate and place 
this new substance in her bone then he will replace the plate and place an 
external brace on her leg that will be screwed into her leg. 


We will let all of you know how she is doing once she has her surgery and 
please keep her in your prayers. 



Tim, Pam and Molly






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