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Has everyone noticed how absolutely horrible the bush honeysuckle has gotten
in most of our woods around here?  It is a non-native species that is
ravaging our forests.   Every year it seems to get worse.  Any more it is
very difficult to get back into the woods to get a cache.  I just bought
some pruning sheers to take caching with me.


Principia College is using goats to kill the honeysuckle and having success.
They move them around and let them eat the honeysuckle and keep coming back
until they kill it.  Based on Principia's success, there is another place
that is getting goats to fight the honeysuckle.  


So you goat owners may want to look into renting out your goats to kill
honeysuckle.  And anyone with honeysuckle in your yard, please kill it!  And
do like I do, use every opportunity to break off branches or pull it up when
out in the woods.  The way things are going, most of our native flowers and
bushes will be wiped out and we will not be able to get in the woods to get


Jim Bensman
"Nature Bats Last"

Go Obama! 


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If all they have to eat is grass thats what they will eat. But they would
rather eat shrubs and flowers and trees. They ate my forsythias, lilacs,
honeysuckle, wigelias, and a dwarf cherry tree. They made short work of the
garden too. It's a good thing they are so darn cute or they would have been
on the supper table. 

Life is way to short to take serious.



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