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  • Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 19:50:07 -0600

 Gershmacken it.
The reason I was asking was that, as others have pointed out, there are a
lotof free options that work. Sometimes you get into version issues where
some "enhancement" in recording fails to play back, but if you have the
current version, then it is probably marginal media, dirty optics in the
drive, or a bug in the recording software. Or all of the above.

You can also go out and rent a DVD, and many of them have an installable
player, like InterActual Player, which it will load up and use it to play

If the player that is the default does not work, then try manually playing
itusing one of the other choices. That might rule out the hardware or media
issues. One other thing. Is it recorded on RW media? Sometimes they can be
picky about what drives can read them.

Tim wrote: - How do I fixen it? Tim -----Original Message----- From:
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Media player didn't work at MOGA :( Not sure why. 

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