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  • Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 09:08:44 -0500

There is a place in Chesterfield Valley, on Boone's Crossing, you know over by 
Sam's and Walmart, I think it's called EmbrodMe or something like that.  Mike 
went and talked with the owner.  They do stuff.
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  I don't know if you all got my last message, I sent it from my address, just 
on a different computer. Do you know of any places online or in the St. Louis 
Area that does personalization of clothing. Like adding logos or text? I know 
of cafepress, but they don't do fleece wear, I was thinking about this place 
that I used to have the URL of, but forgot it. It's like cafe press, but with 
more choices of clothing and more personalization options. My company is 
looking for someone to embroider or screenprint my logo onto a fleece jacket or 
a t-shirt. I recall Dru saying that he did that line of work or a friend of his 
did it. Any thoughts?


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