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  • Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 07:43:32 -0700 (PDT)

It says to always stay on the trail, but camp more than 100' of the trail?  
That confuses me.
It mentions that campfires are prohibeted on the trail, how about off the 
No camping on glades... I dont think my tent stakes will go into glade rock.... 

BruceS <bruces3418@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The distance is 2 miles from Johnson Shut-ins.

From the Ozark Trail website for that section of trail:

Trailheads: Highway A, Johnson Shut-Ins park, Taum Sauk & Highway 21
Camping: Primitive Camping is allowed 100' from the trail, except
within two miles of of Johnson Shut-In's main parking lot. Please
don't camp on glades.
Campground: Limited camping available at Johnson Shut-Ins and Taum Sauk.
Total Ascent: 4250' N-to-S; 4150' S-to-N (refers to total gain of all
climbs on trail)
Topo Quads: Johnson Mountain, Edgehill, Johnson Shut-Ins, Ironton
Restrictions: This trail is for foot-traffic only, with the exception
of the northern-most two miles of trail in the Bell Mountain
Wilderness Area. Fires are NOT allowed on DNR land.

From the DNR Johnson Shut-in page

Taum Sauk Section of the Ozark Trail -- Mountain biking not allowed on
this trail.

This 12.8-mile trail leads hikers east to the adjacent Taum Sauk
Mountain State Park. The Ozark Trail also leads west, passing through
both the East Fork and Goggins Mountain wild areas into the Bell
Mountain Wilderness in Mark Twain National Forest. Backpack camping is
allowed along the Ozark Trail.

Regulations for backpacking the Ozark Trail from Johnson's Shut-Ins
State Park to Taum Sauk Mountain State Park:

* You must be two miles from the trail head and 100 feet from
water sources, trails, public-use areas and scenic areas before
setting up camp.
* Open campfires are prohibited on the trail. Camp stoves are recommended.
* To limit damage to the environment, camp in groups of six people or less.
* Always stay on the trail, where provided, even if it's wet or muddy.
* Carry out what you carry in.

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