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I have no idea where you heard that... It is suppose to be .5 miles from any 
state park or private campground. All state parks have walk-in sites for 
backpackers free of charge. There are some areas that are off limits such as 
waterfalls, caves, etc... I have backpacked that route many times and have 
camped at the flatrocks just south of Proffit Mountain. I have also camped 
about 3/4 of a mile from Johnson Shutins along the creek. My favorite spot is 
up by the old reservoir. 
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  I have been thining about camping towards Johnson Shut Ins along the Ozark 
Trail, also getting the Proffit Mountian cache.  When questioning about where 
to set up a camp at, they said at least 3 miles away from the Park Boundry.

  My question is, why do they require to be 3 miles outside the park boundry?  
Wouldnt a mile or even outside the boundry be enough?

  Joe Taylor 


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