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Look, I don't pick the adjectives, just repeat them.   LOL
Oh wait ..  looks like it's now a
"Large Country and Farm Memorabilia Auction

And WOW, this new,  a TWO-RING auction. I'll need a bigger house for sure.

BTW - if anyone can tell me what's in the 4th picture on the top row, or the 1st picture in the 12th row I'd sure like to know. We have a few theories on the 1st row picture, that other one though is a stumper.
(Mike L my $$ is on you! The man who knows some "Stuff".)



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Going to a farm auction because you have decorating to do? How do you fit the "north 40" over the mantle? You must have a huge house if you buy farms to decorate it with. I thought the SLAGA jet and aircraft carrier was extravagant.

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