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I would have been there if I wasn't here.   

We have food in Effingham.  (There are even caches, although, I think most of 
SLAGA, except me, has found all of them. We're saving them for a family thing 
LOL)  I can be anywhere in under ten minutes.  How long will it take you all to 
get here? 

There's a really good BBQ place  (Witt's Smoke house) that we like and a couple 
of small pizza places. One we like  A LOT  (Pizza Man) and the other ..  engh.  

The "big" place is a restaurant called Niemergs. It's OK.  I think it's over 
rated (but I'm like that).  This is the "local" spot that everyone local takes 
everyone visiting.   It's relatively inexpensive and fairly good food.  I'll 
bet some of you have even been there. The drawback is that when it's crowded, 
it's really crowded, the tables are so close together it's ridiculous.  The 
salad bar is average and they have a thing for meringue pies. 

A nifty coffee house is Joe Sippers. That is approaching "tea house" though and 
I know some of you are too much  manly men to appreciate that. 

Certainly not lacking it chains -- although it will be a few months yet for 
Buffalo Wild Wings to finish building and open.  
Oh .. and if you stay for Friday night, sometimes, there's a bluegrass band 
"pickin" at the Culvers.  Whooo-hoooo.  Although this Friday night, we're 
heading over to the local Knights of Columbus hall for a farm auction -- I have 
some decorating I still need to do.

So if there's no food there, plenty here.  If you all aren't here by 2 I'll 
start without you ok??  

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  I haven't heard of any.  I tried one north county a while back and only 
RockSusan and I had a wonderful lunch.  I only have the small motorhome to 
drive right now so, I need a BIG parking space.  

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