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  a.. Lt. John McCache got bit by a copperhead today. Be careful out there, 
« on: Today at 07:26:26 PM »
  a.. Quote
We know that geocaching doesn't allow caches near railroad tracks(around here, 
anyway), so we were kind of excited about doing this series of munzees along 
the tracks. We got about two miles in (with 2 to go) when we got to this one. 
When We got near, I laughed because TheMunzenator was waiting for us sitting on 
the rail. He thought it would be funny to watch us try to find the munzee that 
he hid. The hint read "magnetic", so we looked all around the rails. There was 
one section where you could get to the bottom of the actual rail because the 
gravel washed away a tad. He slid his fingers across the bottom of the rail 
when I saw him jump back and scream. This is the funny part: He screamed, "Ahh! 
I think I just got bit by a turtle!" The blood was running down his fingers and 
hand and I said, "Are you sure it wasn't a snake?" So I grabbed a stick and 
pushed it under the track from between the rails. Sure enough, out came a 
copperhead. TheMunzenator and I told him to start walking to his truck while we 
killed it. I called 911 while catching up and had an ambulance meet us when we 
made it out to the road. 

As of right now, he's in the ICU overnight for observation. It sounds like he's 
going to get to keep all of his fingers!

One more funny thought: TheMunzenator was sitting on the rail no more than 
three feet from where Lt.JohnMcCache got bit when we noticed him waiting for us.

Anyway, here are some pics: http://imgur.com/a/0OBl4

TL;DR: Copperhead bit friend on finger. Friend in ICU and might lose finger. 
Cops and Nurses like dead snakes

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