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If you have absolutely nothing else to do this Saturday, or are looking for a 
fun way to wind up your day, everyone is welcome to come to our Hayride and 
Bonfire in Owensville, MO.  
We go all day starting around noonish and stop ..  when we stop. There's a 
country band that sets up and plays late afternoon into the evening and we 
"pass the hat" to cover their costs. Otherwise, everyone brings something and 
it winds up in the barn as a potluck. Or, you don't have to share -- your 

We have plenty of room to pitch a tent or park an RV. You're welcome to bring 
other friends etc. (Just, please no dogs -- my parents live there and my mom is 
NOT an animal lover) and people sometimes find this to be the most fun. There's 
no pressure to take a hayride or even move from around the fire. There's a 
hundred acres to tromp around on and we bring the washers and golf game and if 
time permits I may run back to Value City and buy a $19.99 Cornhole game. 

We have a lake and a couple of claypits for fishing (or getting rid of the 
evidence) and you are welcome to bring your own ATV's (we do suggest you don't 
let others ride them though) as we have several trails in various stages of 
development. I hope to set out a simple cache for the kids to "treasure hunt" 

There are now 7 caches in the town of Owensville and we're also just a few 
miles from the Conservation Federation of Missouri "Tea Lakes Conservation 

N38 18.558 
W91 25.393

The address is  on Tower Grove Road, Owensville, MO 65066. That street name and 
the coordinates will get you there. Tom's cell is 31 46.507 733  (I'm 'net 
paranoid about these things lol)

Whatever you do, hope everyone has a great fall weekend!


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