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80 next year instead of 60?
  Ladybug STL
Michael Griffin <mike.griffin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      Funny you should mention easier caches... We did have 5 Kids caches that 
were not very far from pavement but, we have a great idea for next year! We 
were discussing some park and grabs since there are so many hunter/fisherman 
lots around the lake. Yes, you would have to drive to get to them, but, you 
could cache all day from your vehicle. 
  We realized from the groans and moans of those coming off the trails that 
some would like a blend of easy / challenging caches. Next year we will 
accommodate! They will be challenging mentally but not physically. We will 
still have our 80 permanent caches that will be in the woods.
  Our motto has always been, and will remain...
  MOGA, it IS about the numbers, you just have to work for it... :-) 
  If anyone got all 60 this year, they hiked over 15 miles.
  Mike Griffin 

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Kudos to all of the Moga staff that worked so hard to make it look so easy to 
do. I personally thought the layout was well thought out and that everything 
went smoothly.

My only problem with the whole weekend is that I could not do any of the caches 
because I can not do that sort of  uphill and downhill hiking. :(  May I 
suggest having an easy course for those of us that are handicapped and can no 
longer do the hard core hiking and for families with small children to do. I 
don't go to compete but I would have loved to have been able to done some 

Other than that I had a great time! Pntball and his brood camped with us and my 
friend FB1 from Md. camped with us and we all had a lot of fun. The weather 
could not have been better if we had special ordered it! 

For the staff, thank you so much for working so hard on pulling this off. I 
have planned and executed large functions before and I know how time consuming 
and difficult it is. You did a magnificent job and I thank you very much. I 
can't wait for next year.

  Life is way to short to take serious.
  You rock. That's why Blockbuster's offering you one month of Blockbuster 
Total Access, No Cost. 


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