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  • From: Roger Barnes <rogbarn@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 18:53:15 -0500


I read the geocaching forum that discussed this issue fairly carefully
yesterday.  US Fish & Wildlife issued a ruling that caches were not
allowed on any land managed by funds provided thru a specific law that
supports it.  The law established taxes on guns, etc and is specifically
for the management of land to allow 

aw hell, go read it in the forums, it's quite interesting.

anyway, it is a specific ruling.  USF&W provides money to many state
agencies under this law, therefore this ruling will carry down to those
lands managed under this law, at least in theory.  However, much land is
managed by state agencies under other laws and that is not affected by
this ruling.  Bottom line?  Yes, we will probably see some impact.  As
others mentioned in the forum, dealing up front with agencies often
leads to a good relationship and situations favorable to geocaching. 
The problem is that there are so many agencies at so many levels, that
some do not know our philosophy, our work to establish good
relationships with the agencies, and our work to police ourselves. 
Bottom, bottom line?  We're doing good but can't stop now.

I think we have seen within our own group that working with people
within local agencies has helped ourselves.  Thanks to all in this group
who have done any of that sort of work and let's keep it up.
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