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Was there a 370 in 1993?
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  In 1993 there was water on 94 from Hardees all the way thru Frenchtown, and 
all the way down 94 to the north.  We emptied Hardees and sandbagged around the 
building. The water got into the parking lot some but not in the building. 

  The ramps to 370 were closed at 94 and earth city. If I remember correctly 
there was water over 370 at earth city. Where Deerfield Estates is was water. 
Elm St was closed at the intersection of Elm Point Rd and there was water as 
far as you could see there.

  I hope I never have to live thru another 1993 flood. I feel so bad for all 
those people that are flooded out. Whats worse is its Easter weekend. Thats a 
real bummer.

  Life is way to short to take serious.

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