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  • Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 17:20:51 -0400


I too apologize. I am not trying to infer that SLAGA members are any worse (or better) than any other geocachers. Since SLAGA has a charter to help improve the sport, i was suggesting that we could use SLAGA resources to help improve the ethics and practices of the game.

Perhaps the name "contributing member", referring to members who pay dues, is in error and should be reconsidered. It seems to exclude member who do contribute but who don't pay dues.

I am not having a bad experience with the cache to which i referred. To the contrary, I have enjoyed having a cache that is inside the 270 loop. It gets much more activity than my other cache hides. Since i am able to monitor this cache with an obsessive compulsion I have been able to answer an age old question, "how did this stinky wad of ink stained pulp get in here?". I'm sure no one is surprised by the answer but I am surprised by the frequency of offenses. As stated at the top of this message, i was just suggesting that although SLAGA is not culpable, SLAGA can help reduce the trouble.

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Subject: [GeoStL] Re: Membership

I was not implying that "non-contributing members" didn't do
anything for the community. By Non-Contributing, I mean
those who have not paid for a "Contributing Membership"
within SLAGA. If you took any other meaning for what was
said, then I apologize for that.

I'm sorry you have had a bad experience with a cache you
maintain. Not everyone is careful with how they leave the
containers when they are done. This isn't a SLAGA problem,
it's a caching problem in general. Every cache owner has
the same issues with their caches. Unfortunately, it is a
fact of life. If you are sure that you can isolate an issue
to a specific individual, contact them through
Geocaching.com and let them know about it.

There is a website that speaks volumns on how we should all
cache. That site is: http://www.geocreed.info/

Steve Bromley

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From: "Nonya Bidniz" <_rnx_@xxxxxxx>
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Subject: [GeoStL] Re: Membership
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 12:16:11 -0400

>it wou= ld go without saying if i didn't say it, but ....
>there are more waysto = contribute than just cash. some of
>us "non-contributing members" do a sma= ll bit for the
>I woul= d also like to make a suggestion for a topic for a
>new SLAGA cash contrib= uting members only training class;
>"how to use a zip-lock bag" a less inf= lammatory subtitle
>could be "leaving a cache better than you found it (or= at
>least as good)".
>I have= the good fortune of maintaining a geocache that is
>yards away from mywo= rkplace. The close proximity allows
>me to check on the condition of this = cache 5 days/week. I
>am surprised at the number of geocachers who can not= , or
>will not close a zip-lock completely. On this particular
>cache the z= ip-lock is important because the container is
>not water tight. The baggie=is the only protection that the
>log receives from moisture (i know, it's= a design failure
>and I am only projecting my faults onto the cachers who=
>visit my little slice of heaven). Recently I had one cacher
>who turned t= he baggie inside out, wadded the log in a
>ball, inserted the wadded ball =of log into the inside out
>bag, wadded the baggie with the ball-o-log andstuffed the
>entire bundle inside the container. i guess i should be
>gladthat the container was returned to the correct
>position. This is the wor= st case to date, but several
>others have failed to close the zip-lock (na= mes have been
>withheld to protect the guilty).
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>From: "Steve Bromley" <bromley@xxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [GeoStL] Re: Membership
>For the record, SLAGA doesn't ignore non-contributing
>members. :)
>We appreciate those who choose to contribute and value
>their contributions. The SLAGA staff continues to try to
>add additional value (such as the training classes) for
>"Contributing members" but we do not in anyway discriminate
>against those who don't contribute.
>Steve Bromley, President
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>From: Roger Barnes <rogbarn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [GeoStL] Membership
>Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 09:44:44 -0500
>>I was wondering why no one was paying any attention to me.
>>I figured it was because I have been busy this spring and
>>I haven't had a chance to do much caching. I've even been
>>eating lunch at my desk most of the time. But then I
>>happen to check out the membership page on the SLAGA web
>>site. Horrors! My name is not among the list of
>>contributing members. No wonder no one will talk with me.
>>In fact, there are only 114 paid members and 312 standard
>>members (i.e. not paid). That's barely over 25% that have
>>paid up. Can you imagine what SLAGA could do if even half
>>the standard members became contributing members? Picnics,
>>CITO events, geocaching classes, prizes, who knows what
>>they will think up! Well, I did my part and there is one
>>more name in the contributing member list. Or, at least
>>will be as soon as the webmaster can update the list. Is
>>anyone else willing to step up now?
>>aka rogbarn
>>p.s. I understand that some are unwilling or unable to
>>contribute and I want everyone to understand that all
>>people with an interest in geocaching are always welcome
>>to SLAGA and SLAGA events no matter what their membership
>>status. But I also know that some people just plain forgot
>>(like me) or didn't bother (like me) and this is your
>>chance to step up.
>>p.p.s. I am a member of SLAGA but I am not on any of the
>>boards, etc. and do not speak for them. I just want to see
>>this organization thrive.
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