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  • From: Glenn Nash <GLNash@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 09:57:45 -0600

As Dan mentioned, we have really never had much trouble with the MTNF (Mark Twain Nat. Forest. Nancy asked me some time ago to refer all geocaches to the Forest service for permission before posting but in the years I have been doing that they have only reject one or two locations. The rejected spots were in known sensitive areas that they wanted to keep people away from and the suggested nearby alternative spots were actually better.

So NO permits required, just permission. Several caches have obtained permission from the local ranger rather than notifying Nancy and that seems to be OK too.

All of Dan's suggestions are great and I am sure that they appreciate the feedback. I am not sure that anyone else takes the extra steps that Dan does but it would be nice.

Caches in WILDERNESS area are allowed thanks to successful negotiations with the forest service by Myotis. It should be noted tho that while allowed, it is NOT easy to place a cache in a wilderness area. There are only 2 caches that are placed in wilderness areas with permission that I know of. It took Jeepers months to get the Pioneer Cache approved after being archived by the forest service. Working Nancy is the key to getting a project like that past the red tape.

As dan said, caching in the MTNF is allowed now as it always has been so please lets keep them happy. :-)


Dan Henke wrote:

    Not sure why the link was never completed but the policy that MTNF
    has here is basically as follows:
Cache should not be placed in sensitive areas:
    Archaeological sites
    Dangersous areas
Just about anywhere else is fair game No permit required though I have always sent a note to Nancy Feakes
    outlining the following:
    Where the cache is located
    How it is hidden
    What type of container
    A link to the cache page
    Reassurance that it is NOT hidden in any of the above and is not
    destructive to Forest Service property
    or dangerous without a lot of warnings
I also include in my description any restrictions such as ATV use or
    off road vehicle use
I also provide them with feedback everytime I go to check on them as to:
    Trail usability whether any sections need maintenance
    how are the roads going in
    is there any trash being dumped
    any illegal activity
    and any thing else I can think of to keep the relationship good with
Nancy Feakes is a great person to work with and very understanding
    for a govt. employee :)
She would be the one to contact about the webpage but remember
    caching IS Allowed with very very few restrictions so don't make
    them mad

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