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- One thing about the queries on gc.com is that they are limited to 500 caches in the result.  So you cannot really do the whole state.  It might be best to a point farthest from St. Louis and do your query and set the distance just a bit more than the distance to the other terminus.  Otherwise you will get hits for stuff around St. Louis in the opposite direction which may cause you to exceed the 500 cache limit without reaching out to your destination. On the other hand, if you start out in the boonies, then going in the opposite direction from your point won't add as many points to your total caches in the query.

The best way would be to start at the center point between the two points and that way you get fewer extraneous hits, but I would only resort to that if I ran into problems doing it the other way. The other way is less work.

Jen wrote:
Dan & Dave
Thanks for the help.
One question I do have are you running a querey first on the geocache site if so what kind of querie do you run on geocache?  One for the whole state or what?
We are finding it impossible not to go anywhere without looking for a cache on our way there and back.  LOL
We are thinking about going to Arkansas and this will help us on our trip also.
I will try your suggestions out later and see what happens.
Thanks Again,
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I don’t know if this is the easiest to do, but this is how I can do it.


1.)     using gsak, export your waypoints as a csv file. To do this in gsak go to…File, Export, Microsoft Streets and Trips CSV file.

2.)     Save it to My Documents, or somewhere where you will remember it at.

3.)     In Microsoft Streets and Trips (2005 is what I am using) select Data, Import Data Wizard, and choose the csv file you just created

4.)     The wizard will then ask you whether or not you want to use tab, semi colon, or comma (I choose tab) and then choose matching records to latitude and longitude, then click finish

5.)     You will then see a whole lot of pushpins pop up on the map

6.)     Go ahead and create a route… i.e. Sullivan to Pevely with the route, route planner tool

7.)     Calculate get directions and then do a find nearby places, by selecting Tools, nearby places, select along entire route and choose how many miles your diameter is, and click search.

8.)     Tahdah… Now you have a selection of caches along your route from Sullivan to Pevely.


  • P.S. there probably is a easier way to do this, but I just sat down and did this this way, so I know it works.
  • If you have any other questions give us a yell.




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We are planning a trip to Pevely the weekend.


Wanting to know how you use Streets and Trips to help you figure out caches that are along your route?


I have seen this done, but don't know how to do it.




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