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The deadline to order meals is the March 12th. The deadline for registration 
is March 15th. After this time, you will not be guaranteed a packet, 
(lanyard, coin, etc..). You can register the day you arrive provided we have 
a signed waiver 72 hours prior to the event. We probably could have said it 
better in the manual..

It is park policy that we have all waivers turned in 72 hours prior to the 

It will be physically challenging. Big Hills. However, if your map reading 
skills are ok, you can do all the caches with little up and down. We placed 
our section (12 caches) in about 4 hours, 4.5 miles, and we are 2 fat guys 
and an old man. :-) To get all 60 caches in one day might be a little 

In the past events, we have had people doing caches that have not seen 
others at the caches. Some told us that they felt alone even though we had 
over 100 people hunting. You might run into people at some caches and 
others, you won't.

We would like to have the stats back. Hopefully someone who knows how to 
program can help with this..

Thanks for you interest in MOGA.. We hope to see you there. When you arrive 
is up to you. We have several who are coming later on Saturday..


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> -
> We are fairly new to the sport (since October, 2005)
> and just hit 200 finds this weekend.  We have been
> considering attending MOGA, especially since it is so
> close to home (we live near Alton, IL).
> I read the manual and website, but I am a little
> confused.  Somewhere it said the deadline was something
> like March 12 or 15, but elsewhere it said the waiver
> could be sent 72 hours prior to the event and you could
> register at the event.  Could someone let me know what
> the exact deadline is if you just want to hunt some
> caches but not compete?
> Also, does anyone have any idea how physically
> challenging these caches will be?  Are we talking 5
> mile hikes up hill?
> Also, would just hunting on Sunday if we can't attend
> Saturday be a problem?  I understand we would still
> have to pay, but can that be done at the event on
> Sunday?
> Also, I understand some like group hunts, but is this going to be like
> bumping into people on top of every cache you find?  I like the challenge 
> of
> finding it on my own, instead of seeing someone else find it.
> And just to put in my 2 cents on the stats page, I had just hit 100 finds
> and turned my bar to the other color (can't remember what color) when the
> stats went down.  I was so disappointed.  This was one thing that helped
> keep my KIDS interested in caching.  They loved seeing our name move up 
> the
> page.  Believe me, I understand computer issues AND volunteer issues, but 
> I
> would love to have it back too.
> Thanks for any info.
> Spongebob14 (a/k/a Kim & James)
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