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  • Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 17:29:34 -0600

100 year old building!  In that case I'm glad we are relocating.Bob
 From: steve.bromley@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 13:09:21 -0600
Subject: [GeoStL] Re: MOGA Central has moved!
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They are trying to insure a 100 year old building in need of $250,000+ in 
repairs to bring it up to standards.  Put 500+ people in it and what do you 
have?  A situation that any insurance company would find a way to get out of as 
quickly as possible.  


It's not only the destination but the path you take and the friends you make 
along the way

On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 12:56 PM, Bob TheCacher <cachefinder@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I suspect somone told the insurance company that we were planning on a big 
event there and they said "your insurrance is canceled".  Why don't they go to 
another carrier?  Who knows.  I'm sure there are plenty of insurance companies 
out there willing to sell policies.  I get offers just about every day in the 

Meanwhile we'll move it over and hope the High School doesn't get their 
insurrance canceled also.
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 21:12:26 -0800
From: mrogers07@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: [GeoStL] MOGA Central has moved!
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Just in case anyone did not get the memo just put out...I got this email:
Location: Illinois, United States

MOGA made an announcement about MOGA 2013 (Mega-Event Cache) at 3/7/2013

Log Date: 3/7/2013
Attention Moga Attendees:

 MOGA CENTRAL location unfortunately needs to be moved to an alternate 
location due to unforeseen circumstances. On Thursday, March 7, 2013, 
the MOGA directors were informed by the City of Shelbyville that the 
Chautauqua building would no longer be available for the event due to 
the cancellation of the insurance policy covering the building. The 
insurance cancellation was effectively immediately. MOGA CENTRAL will 
now be located within the Shelbyville High School gymnasium, which is 
located 8/10 of a mile to the west (4284 ft as the crow flies). The MOGA
 Directors would like to personally thank Tad Mayhall of Shelbyville 
Works!, the City of Shelbyville and most importantly the Shelbyville 
School District for working with the MOGA directors to ensure the event 
has the resources available to meet the needs of the participants. 
Groundspeak will be updating the coordinates on Friday, March 8th.
 The MOGA directors are also working with our local reviewer to update 
other affected events. More announcements will be made as we continue to
 work through all of the logistics of moving the event and we thank you 
for your patience and understanding.

Moga Directors

Visit this log entry at the below address:



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