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Jim, would you also be posting the GPX's for the trails???


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I went up to the park yesterday and GPSed all kinds of stuff including all
the trails. (The Ranger even unlocked the gate to the group camp for me.)
I got my maps updated but not in time for the on line compiler to compile
the new maps last night.  So after they compile tonight, I will make a new
installer for all the mapsets.  I will post a note when you can download and
install them.


They were doing lots of burning up there -it was neat watching it on the
trail across the lake.  I hope no caches got burned up!  They had also
burned part of the area and used the trail as a fire break-you could really
see the impact of the fire-lots of flowers blooming where they burned.


I was utterly shocked when I saw the signs in the historic site showing the
2008 flood level.   Even the overlook floor was underwater!


Are the roads to access the caches from the previous MOGAs going to be open
on Friday or will we only be able to cache in the State Park or walk/bike
in?  Speaking of the flood, have the low lying caches been checked to see if
they are still there?  What was the elevation of the flood?




Jim Bensman
"Nature Bats Last"

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