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I don't know if they have lunch "specials" or special lunch menu but a decent sized sandwich with fries runs $7-9. I think their drinks are pretty expensive (comparatively) and we usually stick with water (It kills me to pay $4.00 for drinks when I could buy a couple of 2 liters for the same price.) They have a kids menu that is reasonably priced -- I think about $3-$4 for "the usual"-- mac and cheese; chicken fingers; kids pizza, toasted ravioli; hamburgers (I think they have mini burgers) etc. and it comes with a drink. If Sage eats "Grown up" food your sandwich and fries (if that's what you get) could be enough for two people -- especially if you got something like the Malone Burger -- it's pretty good size. Also appetizers are a bit less expensive around $6.00


I just found a menu on their website. It's a bit blurry -- but from what my blind (non hearing) self can make out, the prices I've quoted seem in line.


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What's the average lunch cost there?  I'm on a tight budget.  Also,
how are the choices for children, and would I be out of place bringing


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On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 11:30 PM, Susan Ring <susanmring@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Malone's is awesome. Just got home from having a late night buffalo chicken sandwich there after work (the evening crew eats late!) Probably won't make tomorrow-that would be Malones twice in about 12 hours! Y'all have a good


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