[GeoStL] Re: Lunch Friday?

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I can't make it, but I can mention a few nearby buffets.  There's a Chinese
one on S Kirkwood Rd just north of Hwy 44.  Is it called Sunny China?
There's another Chinese one on S Lindbergh at Gravois.  Emperor's Wok, I
think.  Then there is Sweet Tomatoes on Watson.  What about that place on
Watson across from Value City?  I think it used to be Ryan's and now it is
called Fire Mountain or something like that.  Is it a buffet?

Laura DeWeese
Pampered Chef Consultant

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> Hmmm, seconds and a buffet!  Mmm...
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>  I don't know. With all the talk about "seconds" in the other thread,
> maybe
> it ought to be a buffet or someplace like that.....
> Tough to know whether I can make it or not until the time gets here. I
> shouldbe over by Grants Farm around then, so if I can get free, I will
> try
> toget there.
> Mariel Leggett wrote: - Just curious if anyone is interested in having a
> luncheon tomorrow? :-) I'm thinking. Fuddruckers.. What do you think?
> Mariel


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