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  • From: Jim Everman <everman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 11:56:24 -0500

The Deen Family wrote:
> -
> Roger,
> If your DC friend has any further interest in learning about caching  
> in the DC/MD/No VA area, feel free to have him contact me.  As an  
> administrator of the recently formed Northern VA Geocachers  
> Organization (NoVAGO), I will be glad to talk with him or put him in  
> touch with Maryland Geocaching Society (MGS) officers.  As you know,  
> we are always looking for ways to create positive relationships with  
> the local law enforcement groups and to avoid any misunderstandings.
> Regards,
> Amanda
> BAJA Clan
> On Jun 27, 2006, at 09:28, <rogbarn@xxxxxxxxxxx>  
> <rogbarn@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Thanks for the info Glenn.  I just talked with a co-worker from the  
>>DC area and in the course of conversation, I discovered he was a  
>>volunteer civilian coordinator for his local county PD with a  
>>rather large number of officers.  I. of course, proceeded to tell  
>>him about geocaching, what he might see, where to go for more info,  
>>etc etc.  He immediately understood the potential for  
>>misunderstanding and was glad to hear about it.  I was wondering if  
>>I could log this cache.  I guess you provided the answer even  
>>before I could ask it!
>>>That is it. The "cache" was an event page that the owner changed to a
>>>"locationless event" after the event was over. Talk about scamming  
>>>the system! this  was just this sort of action that prompted  
>>>groundspeak to
>>>lock the ability of owners to change the cache types.
>>>The Page is now archived but it is NOT locked like the other
>>>locationless caches are.  It IS still available for logging and feel
>>>free to spread that work that it is still in business even tho it  
>>>shows up as archived.
>>>Groundspeak recognizes that it has been a valuable repository of
>>>positive interactions with the land agencies as well as other
>>>"officials" but felt that it needed to be officially archived  
>>>since all
>>>of the other locationless caches were archived.
>>>After a few calls for reconsideration from folks around the  
>>>country, it
>>>was unlocked so it could be logged.   :-)
>>>GC-RGS wrote:
>>>>Are you thinking of "Meet with your Government Agents"?
>>>>It applies to any caching experience or meeting involving  
>>>>rangers, police,
>>>>conservation agents, park supervisors, etc.


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