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- All my ex-inlaws live right on the coast. My son's mother lives on Ocean Springs which is the other side of Biloxi Bay from Biloxi itself. I finally heard from her. She rode it out at her mother's house in Grand Bay, Alabama. The land lines were still out, but she finally go through on her mom's cell phone. Her mom's house was only 2.5 miles from the Gulf, but her elevation was 77 feet, so they didn't get hit with the storm surge. My ex father-in-law's house is less than half mile from the Gulf just east of Pascagoula. His house shows to be at 7 feet elevation, so we can pretty well assume that it was inundated. The ex's house is at 17 feet elevation and 2.5 miles from the coast, and the surge was 30 feet there. Not much hope that her house made it through unscathed either. Her sister works at one of the casinos in Biloxi that was not floating on the water, but that didn't matter much. She said it will be a LONG time before she will be going back to work. The ex works on the air force base (Keesler) in Biloxi as a contractor for Northrup Grumman. Most of the base infrastructure is damaged, and she is sure that all their computer equipment is gone or destroyed, so she has no idea when or if she will be going back to work.

The bridges are out between where she is and her houses, and the authorities will not let anyone back into the area. In the mean time, they are going to have to worry about things like how they are going to get food and water. You know, the basic essentials. I am glad I dragged my feet and didn't move down there when she wanted me to, and glad my son told her he wanted to stay up her another year, otherwise we would be down there handling this stuff.

By the way, on our web site under Caching Info are two links on tips on hiding caches that were done by Dave (drat19). He lives in Biloxi, so if any of you are into prayer, you might want to mention him too.

Mike Griffin wrote:
Thanks.. Bridget's sister goes to Tulane but I am sure she is home now. However, her uncle has a guest house (B&B) in the French Quarter. I hope it is OK..
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Hope your relatives turn up safe and sound, Mike.  I'll add them to the prayers we're already saying for all those poor folks on the coast.
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Anyone wanting to help victims of Katrina can do so by going to... http://www.redcross.org/
There is a donate button there and you can use this site to help.
Please keep them in your prayers!
We have relatives down there that we have not been able to get in touch with..
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