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This is more younger kid  (like Kyd's age) oriented than big kid  -- unless 
you count the beer stand and fried fish sandwich booth.

July 3rd, Owensville, MO (our home away from home). They never due July 4th 
on the  4th. Sometimes, they'll  even do it on the 2nd if there are other 
things in nearby  towns.

The "festivities" start around 5:30 with a flag raising.
The Lions Club has BINGO under the pavilion and the VFW Auxiliary  does a 
cake walk (a quarter a walk). Usually  there are  a few little booths set up 
and run by kid organizations -- the dance group doing face painting to raise 
money  to go to competitions; the day  care with throwing rings around 
bottle  type of things -- bubblegum machine type prizes, nothing overly 
spectacular. There's a mini tractor pull for kids using pedal tractors and a 
turtle race: BYOT. There are rather large trophies for the winners.

Food booths -- the traditional fish  sandwich run booth run by  the 
volunteer firemen. $2.00 for a deep-fried fish patty between two pieces of 
white bread.  Ketchup , pickles, onions and packets of iffy  tartar sauce on 
the table under the trees. Can't explain the attraction, but  you don't 
find a more sought after bit of "fair food" than  these things. Another 
group sells  pie and ice cream; roast beef. pork and funnel cakes. And beer.

The fireworks start around 9:00 ish and are very  nice. We  take  a few 
lawnchairs or throw blankets on the ground. Last year they redid the field 
so they no longer shoot the fireworks FROM the field, but outside of it so 
you can't get quite as close as you used to. But, you do get pelted with a 
fair bit of shrapnel and may need an inhaler if you tends toward an 
asthmatic condition. Fireworks last about 30 minutes and might not be as 
elaborate, but have the same shells as big-city displays. I've never been 
closer to the shells being set off than out there.  Overall, rather low key.

Afterwards we go back to our place and have  a  bonfire and s'mores --  
should we save you spot  lol ? Electric hookup is available lol.  Even 
tote-your-own well water.  If my mom takes a liking to ya  she'll let you 
use  the flush toilet even ...


This looks like there is  something in Jeff City.
http://www.visitjeffersoncity.com/calendar_july06.html   maybe not so small 
town, but maybe more appealing to someone a bit older than 8 1/2


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> Anyone know of any small town celebrations going on this weekend?


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