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  • From: "Mike Griffin" <griff@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 17:07:13 -0500

I found out at the Jambo that Magellan put $100,000 dollars into the geocaching 
program. There were 20 subcamps with each having more than 40 troops. In 
addition to the 100K, they donated 4 Explorist 200's and 1 Explorist 600 to 
each subcamp! That is 100 units!

There were more than 43,000 participants at the Jamboree and more than 35,000 
guests. 39,000 Scouts and Scouters were invited to try a geocaching course. 
Each subcamp had their own course.

I was in Subcamp 12. We had a multi stage cache course that consisted of fake 
rocks, bolt magnets, pine cones, film canisters, signage and ammo boxes. On 
most the waypoints, you found a letter. Our letters were, EUVLAS. Unscrambled, 
it was VALUES. Each participant received a special Jamboree certificate card 
with info on the back for a scout discount on Magellan products. I know that 
our council received a few of the units to bring home. 

The Council events director is excited about geocaching since she was thrown 
into manning the booth. She wants to sit down and plan a scout day of 
Geocaching at Beaumont. I look forward to helping plan and execute this effort.

Our troop had about 50% participation but other troops had more. Some scouts 
went from subcamp to subcamp doing courses.

I must say that I really liked the 600! Very nice features! 

I also got the banner for the booth that says, "Geocaching Starts Here!" It has 
the Jamboree logo and the Magellan logo.

I have been up for over 38 hours and I will have to get some sleep now. I look 
forward to using the banner at some of our events..


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