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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 09:53:51 -0500

FYI I got this today.  I plan to go ahead and send a letter to the park
superintendents.  As I have always said, I have no objection to reasonable

I haven't been ignoring you on purpose. I was activated and sent to the
Middle East a couple days after those were posted on the internet.
Knowing that I was going to be activated, there was a push to get the
policy adopted and in place at the last minute so that it wouldn't be
delayed for another year. I am still over here and do not know when I
will be returning. So with me being gone and the shortage of personel
within DNR, there really hasn't been much movement on the Geocaching
issues, and likely will not be until I return. What we were asking is
that those people who have existing geocaches, take the initiative and
get with the Site Superintendents and get them registered. So for now
it's really on the honor system. The Glades and Calhoun Point are IDNR
managed lands and are part of the Mississippi River Fish and Wildlife
Area. The office is about 4 miles north of Pere Marquette on the right
hand side of the road. If you have any other questions you can contact
Randy Holbrook who is the acting Regional Land Manager for Region 4.

Dan North
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Region IV Office
4521 Alton Commerce Parkway
Alton, IL 62002
(618) 462-1181
fax (618) 462-2424
>>> "Jim Bensman" <jbensman1@xxxxxxxxxxx> 06/22/03 10:38 PM >>>
Hi Dan,

I never heard back form you on my last request to set up a meeting to
about the policy.  Someone just pointed out your posting on the forums
never read them) indicating the policy was adopted.  So I am just now
finding out the policy was adopted.  Is it being put in the Illinois
Administrative Code?

My understanding from our previous discussions was I did not need to do
anything about my existing caches, but your posting makes it sound like
need to do something about them.  Can you clarify?

If I need to do something, the rules were written for new ones not
ones.  So they are not exactly clear on how to handle an existing one.
you want me to contact the Superintendent, should I just send the link
the cache page and give them information about the site?

Also, all of my caches on DNR land are in clear Tupperware containers or
through bottle (I agree with you on not using ones you cannot see in).
just telling them it is a clear Tupperware container OK, or do I need to
send a picture to show them what a clear Tupperware container is?

If I do need to send in information on my existing ones, which office
care of the Glades?  Also, I have one in the parking lot on Calhoun
Point at
the put in for Silver Lake.  Is that Corps or DNR?  If DNR, what office?


Jim Bensman

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