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 After you feed them until they are able to feed  themselves
and then name them, you get to keep them.  We need

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sex?  color?  names?

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 Ok...so Myotis attempted to do one of our caches in town
before the picnic. Our coords were off by about 80 feet. He
didn't find the cache, told us he had found 2 little kittens
in a tree. Emily and I went back to check on the cache.
(Dale insists it was just an excuse for us to go see if we
could find the kittens.) The cache was fine, and we have
updated the coords. Well, since we  were in the area we
might as well see if we could find these little kitties.  We
searched around in several trees, and then I hear Emily
SCREAM "MOM!" I just knew there was a snake or something.
Nope...she found the kittens. Momma was no where around. We
stood way back and waited for a long while and nothing. It
is now raining, and we went over to get a closer look. The
kittens would barely respond. Not really moving, not making
a sound, just laid there. So, we  couldn't leave them there
in the rain. We have them home and are bottle feeding them
every 4 hours.

 Anybody want a cute kitten in a few weeks?


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