[GeoStL] Re: Has RGS met his match OR Road trip to Indy?

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Is THIS why the email list has been so quiet -- they've all snuck off to 
Indiana and don't want to own up to it until "they" find it?

October 11 - tvnews
My favorite note.


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> -
> Shelter II cache (GCQR7W) is creating quite a stir in Indianapolis.
> It has been listed for 2 weeks without a find, but 257 DNFs/notes and
> has 131 watchers from as far away as the UK and Australia.  I spent
> almost an hour reading the logs and laughing over the photos.  My
> favorites, in no particular order, but best if seen in the context of
> all the logs/notes:
> 10-5 Poppagoth's video link (visit link) (Thought of you, Paul, when
> I saw this.)
> 10-11 -{LoS}-Xile's great bat photo Let Sleeping Bats Lie
> 10-12 Muirwoody's cache photo It's probably nothing.....
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