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Thats a great story... It is nice to have those family traditions.. I can 
imagine what outsiders might have thought..
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  We had a private ceremony at the cemetary when my
  mom passed away last year.  After the minister left,
  my dad, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, Elaine
  and I all joined hands and danced around her grave.

  The uninitiated would think that disrespectful, but
  it was really out of respect.  You see, my mom brought
  a lot of Danish traditions into our family and one
  that we all cherished was dancing around the Christmas
  tree singing a short Danish song (the words of which we
  didn't understand, but it was a lot of fun), just
  before we opened presents.  That song embodied
  what my mom stood for and it was essentially our last
  good-bye to her.  (Strangely enough, immediately after we
  stopped singing, the sky opened up with a good rainfall)


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  > I hope when I die that folks come by and laugh and remember my life with 
shouts and giggles. 

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