[GeoStL] Re: Got my iPAQ 3650

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  • Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:34:04 -0600

I export html files via GSAK and put them on my PDA.  Is there a better way?



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Eric, there are a number of paperless caching sites. Just Google "Paperless
Caching" and go from there. GSAK does not load on to the pocket PC. I used
GPXSonar but there are a number of different ones you can use.

Mike Griffin 



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It came in the mail today. I will start playing with it a bit & try to
figure out as much as I can. I'll have to try to find a users manual because
it didn't come with one. :-(


Some of you suggested using gpxview and others said gsak. I downloaded both
to my PC. I'm assuming whichever one I use will have to be loaded on the
pocket pc as well correct?


I'm sure I will have lot's of questions, but don't want to be a bother and
ask a lot of questions that have been answered many times before. So, i'm
wondering if there has been some sort of tuitorial setup that I can go to to
learn about this whole paperless caching stuff? 





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