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No pics... I didn't bring my camera and my cell was in the car charging.
Otherwise, I would have gotten a cell phone pic of it.. I was bummed!



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awesome story!  Did either of you happen to get pictures?

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 11:56 PM, Mike Griffin <griff@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

        As Bernie and I were out hiding caches at the Scout ranch today,
we came across something I have never seen before. We saw a perfect
stump for placing an ammo box and proceeded towards it. As I got close,
I found a large feather on the ground. I picked it up and noticed it was
brown with no markings. It was very large.
        I reached the stump which was about 3 1/2 feet high and
perfectly hollow. As I looked inside there was the biggest bird I had
ever seen up close. I jumped back thinking it would come flying out of
the top but it didn't.
        Bernie then looked down the hole and said it was a Turkey
Vulture. It did not move and we studied it for quite a long time. It
looked as though it was dying. It could not hold it's head up. You could
see the eye blinking as it looked at us. We weren't sure if it was
trapped, dying, injured, or just sitting on some eggs.
        We left the bird alone and proceeded to find another place to
hide the cache.
        This was a first for me. I have never come across a turkey
vulture so close. Seeing it down at the bottom of that hollow stump got
me curious as to why it would be there of all places.
        Reading information on the Turkey Vulture Society's web site,
yes there really is a society, it said that the Female will often find
hollow logs, caves, barns and other enclosures to lay their eggs and
that the responsibility of incubation is shared between male and female.
        Pretty Cool!!
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