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  • Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 14:27:03 EST

Hey everyone, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and get in on the 

I also have an idea that I have been kicking around and wanted to propose it 
to you and see what you think.  I dont think I want to attempt it by myself, 
besides, a group may be more fun as well as provide some basis of 

The idea is to construct a professional looking museum quality display that 
explains how GPS works.  Think of it as a science fair project on steroids.  
I have several sketches of different ideas from a light based model that you 
push a button to show different aspects, to a rotating 3D model of satelites, 
to a simplified hands on thing that children could get their hands on.  My 
personal favorite is a way to show that using one satelite makes a sphere, 
two make a circle, three isolates 2 points, and four a single point along 
with an atomic clock accuracy.  This would be in a 3D display of satelites 
over the US, concentrating on a Spot in St. Louis, with an actual GPS device 
imbeded into the display showing a live reading.

Once a good plan is somewhat drafted and agreed upon, I wanted to propose it 
to the powers that be at the St. Louis Science Center and see if they would 
accept it as a local contribution and display it in an appropriate place, 
possibly near a window so that a GPS device could take readings in close 
proximity.  If they bite, then a few calls to Garmin or other companies might 
get a few thousand dollars to fund the project as well as a donated GPS or 

Working on the project would take a few months and quite a few hours of labor 
to do it right.  In some corner, there would be a plaque thanking the 
corporate sponser and possibly a 'built and donated by the St. Louis 
Geocachers Association.'  

Now, some of you may say that this would be pretty cool in itself (some 
others are thinking 'what, and loose all of that precious caching time'), but 
here is the kicker that might sway you. Into the display, I would want to 
build a secret compartment or hidden drawer, accessable by combination only 
or some trick as a magnetic or hidden catch release that would reveal.... 
yup, you guessed it, a geocache.

Flight of fancy or do-able.  Vote on it and get back to me.

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