[GeoStL] Geocaching 101 class - Oct 15, 2005

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Many of us know RGS as the 'Yoda' of SLAGA.
Very knowledgable in the ways of geocaching, he is.
Rich built a partnership with the St. Louis County
Parks Dept.  For the past few years, he has worked
with them to present beginner classes called
'Geocaching 101'.

He schedules two per year.  They are held at
the Learning Center building in Greensfelder County
Park, located near Six Flags, St. Louis - Eureka.

After a video presentation, narrated by Rich and
other SLAGA volunteers, waypoints are uploaded
to GPS receivers and the students, accompanied
by SLAGA volunteers, take to the woods to learn
how to  use their receivers and learn about the
intricacies of hunting geocaches.

In my opinion, these classes represent the spirit
of geocaching.  The dedication and enthusiasm
displayed by the SLAGA volunteers is a great way
to show participants what to expect from the
hobby and what to expect if they decide to become
SLAGA members.

Here is the URL for the next Geocaching 101 class:

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