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  • From: "Andrew Senger" <asenger@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 08:27:16 -0500

Sounds like fun, but I'm wondering the chances the random coordinates
will be on public property that's easily accessible.

Yesterday's was east of Babler State Park.  It looks like it's in the
middle of a field, so I would assume it's private property.


On 5/21/08, Jon Mertz <jemertz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Play with the coordinate calculator here: http://xkcd.com/geohashing
> Every day, the algorithm generates a new set of coordinates for every
> region. They are randomly placed -- they could be in the forest, in a city,
> or on a mountain.
> Unless you can predict the stock market, you can't figure out what the
> coordinates will be ahead of time. You can first calculate a weekday's
> coordinates at about 9:30 AM (Eastern), and on Friday morning you can
> calculate the coordinates for each day that weekend.
> Origin:
> http://xkcd.com/426/
> Wiki:
> http://wiki.xkcd.com/geohashing/Main_Page
> Enjoy!
> -Jon
> PS. For those of you who don't know, XKCD is a web comic of sarcasm,
> romance, math, and language. I suspect that GPSes fall into the math
> category.

Andrew Senger
"I can't win anything.  In fact, if you look up 'loser' in the
dictionary, you'll see someone else's photo!" --Andrew Senger

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