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I solved the puzzle for the first part of the first cache mentioned  but  
finding it apparently required leaving the house. huh.  Then,  when we realized 
we weren't even smart enough to figure out where to park for the second one and 
spent all that time cruising around, we laughed it off and gave up.  In a 
former life when we were geocachers, we spent a couple of days only looking for 
really good stickler caches. I recommend it for everyone. Although, as I 
understand it, there are some now that some guy didgood too. The problem is 
that  with the new federal regulations on passports and entry and exit 
requirements to foreign areas, combined with my domestic title of Educational, 
Social and Transportation Specialist, geocaching has become somewhat of a 
long-ago forgotten past time. siiiiiiiiiiiigh

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  That was a Really Good Stickler of a puzzle.  
  Some very frustrating caches all around it where ever you look.

  tnsl <sydstyr@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    Ahhhhhhhhhhh  I did finally find it.  I think I may talk my family into 
trying geocaching and start with this one.
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      I think you were crusin all around it but just not homing in on it!
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        I found it easily with this hint. Hmmmm  the first profile I went to 
lol Yay me.  But it's not the first cache I thought of.  The first cache I 
thought of I can't think of ..  I "think" it was/is a cache by the same person 
and --  it seems it MAY have been in the general area of  either the Kirkwood  
quarry caches or maybe ..  is it Sylvan caches? the ones on near property that 
used to be an early resort ...   and it "Seemed" to have had something to do 
with cars. There  were a lot of automotive or mechanical references on the 
cache page and in the subtle hints in logs. We never really hunted it. We drove 
all around it and the general area at least twice on different days  and just 
couldn't figure out where to park. There were train tracks near by.  Or an 
underpass.  Or train tracks in the underpass. Or ..  something. I can't even 
say for sure where it was since it's been 4000 years and it was past the 
Mason-Dixon line. 

        What am *I* thinking of??  LOL


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          October 25th, 2003.  And the author of the log was.......
          I'm not telling.


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