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  • From: "Mike Griffin" <griff@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 00:24:12 -0500

We just got home and I have to say.... WOW! That was an awesome event! Saw Goshawk and Hid Quo Pro at the event. Other than that, no one else from the STL area. There was one cacher from Carthage MO.

We landed on Thursday morning and hit 35 caches before meeting up at a small bar in Wheatland where we had dinner with 250 other cachers. Great Steak Sandwiches!! Friday we did a lot of sightseeing but managed 69 caches before calling it quits. Most were very rural although they were not too difficult.

Saturday was the event and we cached our way there hitting about 25 or so along the way. The event was well laid out and well attended. I would bet they will top the 1500 mark on this event. We met up with Barney, a cacher from the Netherlands that took Strider's army men TB with him to place in Germany. We also met up with JoGPS, Southpaw, Jeremy, Show me the Cache, Greenback and Genuis Loci. We cached the next day with Greenback, Show me the Cache and Genius Loci.

I got a lot of grief from folks in Tennessee and Kentucky about why SLAGA has not bid on a GW. Seems like everyone wants it here but we don't think we have the kind of caches they are looking for. Joe immediately shot that down as a valid excuse saying we have great caches and it is exactly what they are looking for. Another thing that has changed is they only make bookmark lists for caching. There are no more formal cache runs. You list P&G's, Hikes, 4x4's, Bikes, Canoe, Puzzles, Multis, etc.. No one leads, you just hunt like you want. The event focuses more on, well, the event. They had live music, auctions, vendors, kids activities, food, games, food, more games, dinner, cool games and food. They also had a ton of giveaways and many sponsors.

I got a lot of inside "operations" info for ideas for MOGA. They had a great crew of only, get this, 12 people! They had about 120 volunteers that worked 4 hour shifts.

Next year, they expect 3000+. The year after, it will go to Seattle / Portland (Or somewhere in between) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first geocache. I will not miss another one.

They recognized the 9 people in attendance that were at the first Geowoodstock. We have 3 people here but no one made it. RGS, *gln and BruceS made it to the first one.

Anyhow, we cached North of Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Napa, Bodega Bay, Lake Tahoe, Placerville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Yuba City. I will post pictures later tomorrow or so. I am ready for sleep... We got some awesome ideas on hiding caches. Look for some soon!


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