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  • Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 10:13:38 -0600

Who still uses the maps on GC.com? GSAK myGMEv3.gsk FTW! :-)

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 10:08 AM, Richard Rouse <rrouse2@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  I would not want to see the Geocaching.com Premium Membership costs go up
> just for maps you can use from other sources. Besides the FireFox plug-in
> workaround works great.
> GeoConformity
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> Subject: [GeoStL] GS and Google maps costs
> Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 22:47:20 -0600
>  Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just passing this on.
> Found this link tonight concerning Groundspeak and their Google map costs.
> This paragraph caught my eye
> As the Latitude 47 blogs points out 
> today<http://blog.geocaching.com/2012/02/new-geocaching-com-maps/>,
> the Geocaching.com website firmly sits in the high-user category – the 0.35
> per cent of sites that Google said would be impacted by this license
> change. Groundspeak states that it is serving around two million map loads
> each and every day. When you work through the numbers, Google’s new charges
> actually amount to significant amounts of money. *Two million map loads a
> day translate to US$7900 for one day of Google Maps.* *Multiply this
> across a standard 365-day year and you’re talking US$2.88 million – just
> for serving embedded Google Maps*. And this figure does not even account
> for continued growth in geocaching worldwide, in terms of more caches and
> more cachers, both of which will increase the company’s costs. Google Maps
> Premier License is possibly an option – the pricing is not publicly
> available for comparison - but I understand it starts from US$10,000 per
> year. I expect for the number of map loads that Geocaching.com is providing
> that a Premier License will be far more expensive than this.
> Here’s the link if you want to read the whole article.
> http://www.notaboutthenumbers.com/2012/02/16/new-geocaching-com-maps-and-the-google-issue/


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