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There is a really cool picture that Tim Ernst took for the cover of his
Buffalo River Hiking Trails where there is a guy hanging with one arm
from the crag hanging down. It looks like he is free climbing. Tim
explained this at a presentation that the person was an experienced
climber but that would have been stupid to have someone dangling there
while he snapped pictures so they came up with an idea.
They would take a climbing rope and anchor it to a nearby tree. The rope
would then pass through the sleeve of his shirt and tie to his harness
making it look like he was really holding onto the crag with one hand.
The remainder of the rope would be coiled up and tucked behind him so he
could just rappel to the bottom when Tim finished shooting.
It takes some time to get from the Crag to a vantage point where most
people shoot pictures from. If you look at the cache page, you will see
where most photographers stand to take pics of people on the crag.
This person dangled there for 35 - 40 minutes while he got his camera on
the tripod and snapped pics. 
He then went back to the crag and indicated he could rappel down.
Only one small problem.... The rope ended 50 feet before the bottom.
After hanging there for so long, he was too exhausted to climb back up
and Tim was too weak to pull him up...
What to do????
The climber being experienced in all sorts of climbing began swinging
back and forth until he could snag a tree top and he eventually climbed
down the tree. 
I live that place. If you ever get a chance to go, please do. It is
By the way, Tim's place is at http://www.cloudland.net. If you like
photography, this guy is awesome!

Mike Griffin 


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These are pictures from Dan's and Kevin's (Didg Guy & KTeam) caching
trip to Arkansas on April 10-14. Dan asked me to post this link. Read
Kevin's log from Hawksbill Crag cache to find out why he didn't post any
of his pictures. :-)

Pictures for you!       Shutterfly
From: Dan Baldenweck 

You're invited to view my pictures at Shutterfly. Enjoy! 


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