[GeoStL] Fw: NGR- Anyone want a computer or fax?

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Well, that was fast!  Someone has already make an offer,
so consider the equipment off the market.
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Like RGS, I have old computer equipment:

For a $25 donation to SLAGA, you can have the
following, all in working order (I will meet you
somewhere for personal delivery):

* 15-inch CRT monitor (Proview)
* Dell Dimension XPS T700Mhz Pentium III MiniTower Base
* 512MB RAM
* 10GB Hard drive
* Win98 OpSys installed (please, please install a newer version!)
* (2) USB 1.0 ports
* (1) 9-pin Serial port
* (1) Parallel printer port
* (2) Firewire ports (on card)
* Internal analog modem
* 3Com Fast Ethernet XL 10/100Mb TX Ethernet Adapter
* Sound card (will need a driver installed for your OpSys version)
* Video card (S-Video Out and DVI outlet)
* Hitachi GD-2000 DVD reader
* Plextor CD writer PX-W1610A  (16/10/40A)

* No mouse
* No keyboard


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