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This could explain  A LOT of things couldn't it??
I forgot to adjust the date (caught the time) after taking advantage, for 
the second time in three-weeks, the Dell in-home warranty.

Although, based on what there isn't to do in Effingham, (there's not a 
public indoor pool for 25 miles!) the email date would have more 
appropriately been December 5.

I did meet geocachers a few weeks ago.  I stalked them in the park parking 
lot of a park. (WE weren't getting out to cache -- it was much to cold heh 
heh). Seemed nice enough.  Another one even sent me an email to welcome us 
to the area after I found her ner lightpole cache without the use of a GPS 

Right now the biggest thing Effingham has going for it is the effing wind.


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> -
> Nancy,
> I know things are a little slower and not up to speed in the
> little town of Effingham, but did you realize that when you
> send out this email, it was dated February 5th and not March
> 5th?   Illinois isn't usually a full month behind, but for
> though those who live in Chicago would be hard to convience
> it wasn't so.  :^)


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