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I know things are a little slower and not up to speed in the
little town of Effingham, but did you realize that when you
send out this email, it was dated February 5th and not March
5th?   Illinois isn't usually a full month behind, but for
though those who live in Chicago would be hard to convience
it wasn't so.  :^)

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>MOGA made the State Park newsletter.
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>Newsletter -- March 2009
>> Hello, Missouri State Park eFriends
>> Welcome to the March issue of Missouri State Park
>> eFriends. I would like to relay to you the latest news
>> from around the Missouri state park system.
>> In last month's newsletter, I mentioned that staff was
>> working on identifying ways to be more efficient and
>> reduce the total budget in this current year and next
>> fiscal year because of decreasing revenues. Those revenue
>trends have not improved, and may not improve until late
>> fall or next year when the hoped for stimulus and
>> economic turnaround begins.  We will find a way to
>> protect and preserve and interpret our resources, as our
>mission dictates, but please be patient with us as we deal
>> with this revenue shortfall.
>> Some of you wrote to me about ideas to raise more money
>> and spend less. I really appreciated you taking the time
>> to do that.  These ideas are being considered, along with
>> others.  It does not seem that the stimulus bill includes
>funds for state parks infrastructure, although we are
>> looking at some employment options for part time or
>> temporary workers.  I have confidence that my staff will
>> find ways to get through this crisis, with the least
>impact on our services and resources. But, please be
>> patient. There will be unavoidable impacts, such as
>> reduced services, some fee increases and probably
>>shortened seasons for some activities. 
>> I will keep you informed as I know more.
>> We invite your comments on eFriends and the state park
>> system in general. Your input is important to us and is
>> used as a tool to provide better services to all of our
>> Douglas Eiken, Director
>> Missouri Department of Natural Resources
>> Division of State Parks
>> ======Find the Director and WIN A PRIZE!!! =====>
>Congratulations to David Silvey, who correctly guessed Lake
>> of the Ozarks State Park as February's location of "Find
>> the Director." He has won a gift certificate that can be
>> used for two free nights of camping in any Missouri state
>> park or historic site campground. To view last month's
>mystery state park or historic site and read comments from
>> the director, go to
>> Each month, a photograph of a state park or historic site
>> taken by Doug Eiken, the division director, will be
>> featured along with clues to its identity. If you know or
>> can guess the identity of the site, submit your answer by
>> March 20 to qualify for a prize.   For more details, go
>>to http://www.mostateparks.com/findthedirector.htm 
>> ======Featured Site=====> Wallace State Park, Cameron
>> Once considered Mormon country back in the 1830s, this
>> vast park of rolling farmland currently offers 501-acres
>> of land to roam, with a six-acre lake perfect for fishing
>> and swimming. There are four scenic trails that are great
>> for the hiking enthusiast while many picnic sites are
>scattered throughout the park. The campgrounds offer modern
>> restrooms, hot showers, a trailer dump station and a
>> playground. In addition, the Trice-Dedman Memorial Woods
>> is located just 20 miles from the park and features oak
>>trees that are between 160 and 180 years old. 
>> For more information on Wallace State Park, visit
>> http://www.mostateparks.com/wallace.htm
>> ======Special Events=====> March 21
>> Montauk Trout Fishing Tournament
>> Montauk State Park, Salem
>> A trout tournament will be held for men of all ages.
>> There will be fly and bait classes and two winners will
>> be chosen in each class for heaviest trout and heaviest
>> stringer of trout. Gift certificates will be awarded to
>the winners. Participants can register for the tournament
>> in the Dorman L. Steelman Lodge located within the park.
>> For a complete listing of special events in your area,
>> visit http://www.mostateparks.com/events/events.htm
>> ======Camping Reservation System=====> It's not too early
>> to plan your summer camping trips! Reservations are
>accepted as early as six months prior to the arrival date,
>> which means that our reservation center is now processing
>> reservations for both Memorial Day weekend and
>> Independence Day. You can plan a fun and affordable
>vacation for the entire family. Reservations can be made
>> online for 35 different Missouri state parks and historic
>> To make your camping reservations, visit
>> http://www.mostateparks.com/campres.htm
>> ======2009 Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure (MOGA)=====>
>> March 27-29 at Mark Twain State Park, Stoutsville The
>Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Army
>> Corps of Engineers are co-sponsoring the 2009 Midwest
>> Open Geocaching Adventure (MOGA). This large geocaching
>> competition will set the bar higher by offering
>> geocachers the opportunity to hunt more than 100
>permanent caches. Visit the event's Web site at
>> http://www.mogageo.com for more details.
>> ======2009 Katy Trail Ride: Cruisin' on the Katy=====>
>> June 21-26, 2009 Bicyclists can enjoy nearly 225 miles of
>> Katy Trail State Park on the nation's longest developed
>> rail trail from Clinton to St. Charles with overnight
>stops in towns along the trail such as Pilot Grove,
>> Jefferson City, Hermann and Augusta. This five-day ride
>> is perfect for intermediate riders of all ages and
>> provides participants with the opportunity to become
>>acquainted with the communities located along the trail. 
>> Registration information is now available. For additional
>> information or a registration form, visit
>> http://www.mostateparks.com/katytrail/2009ride.htm
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>Missouri's state parks and historic sites are funded
>> primarily by the one-tenth-of-one-percent parks, soil and
>> water sales tax. The tax was first approved by Missouri
>> voters in 1984 and renewed by voters in 1988, 1996 and
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