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 I didn't see anything unusual about his post. He logged the cache and then
picked up one bug. He only has five bugs in his possession that he has
pickedup out of 27. So he likes to move bugs. I don't see a problem with

Jen wrote: - Please read. ----- Original Message ----- From:
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2005 5:32 PM Subject: [GEO] wandering360 contacting you from Geocaching.com
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wonderingif you can post messages on the mailing list forums on slaga. i
havenot been aproved yet and would like to let everyone know that there is a
guy from virginia making his rounds to all the caches in the alton area and
st louis area collecting the jeeps and geocoins and travel bugs. his name is
2000mountaineer. you can see his log on my cache at state line travel bug
hotel in alton (62002) check out his profile and you will see what i am
talking about. thanks if you can post for me. User's Profile:
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