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Thank you!  I hope you go further!


And I really like your tag line:  "Seek quality, not quantity".


May I also suggest you ask them to put who gave permission on the cache



Jim Bensman
"Nature Bats Last"

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Posted Today, 11:30 AM 

My usual mode of operation is to do what we can get away with until we get
caught  :-) 

As a result, we get a lot of stuff listed to go find that all looks pretty
fun and creative and it creates little if any problems. I have been caught
in the past with assuming permission has been granted for this and that and
not really following up on that stuff. 

In the last several months my rate of getting caught has gone up just a
notch to where we are not really sneaking under the radar much anymore.
Outsiders really do see what we are doing. Things that create problems are
mostly permissions and legality issues. Conservation areas without permits,
park systems and private property without adequate permissions ect. As a
result I need to tighten up things just every so slightly to make it look
like we being as complete as we can be. 

If I recognize an area needs permission I am going to ask about it. If you
tell me that you indeed have permission I will ask from who, (or whom, i get
these confused), I may or may not ask for complete contact info.Name, title,
email and phone. In light of things, I probably will so don't act surprised
when i do. I used to ALWAYS contact the parks people to double check
permissions and to thank them for allowing us to hid things in the parks. I
got away the ALWAYS part and would only contact once in a while. I may go
back to the ALWAYS part. Most of the time they like to hear from us and they
like it when we play by their rules. 

Remember that parking lots are indeed private property. It is illegal to
stop on a lot of roadways unless it is an emergency. I am trying to figure
out exactly where we can and cant stop. I know the extremes but the middle
ground is fuzzy. For example, ya cant stop on the interstate to play games
and have a picnic. When i was in England it was common to just pull over on
the motorway and picnic in the median and shoulder areas, not here tho. It
IS common and OK to stop on forest roads & country county roads. It is
everything in-between that causes the biggest problems. 

The legality of the "right of way" is also a big issue. I have spoken with
lots of law enforcement and conservation law enforcement folks to determine
just what is what. Again, I don't have the written statues but do have the
rules that the guys and gals on the streets use. From the roadway to the
ditch along the road is commonly considered the right of way. So that is
something like 10-15 feet most of the time? maybe? I get lots of caches
submitted 200 feet off the pavement. That seems like it is off the right of
way. I will ask about it. If you do not know who owns what I am going to
assume it is private property. 

Arrrg, I am out of time but I think you get the idea. I am going to be
asking more questions about everything. Oh, if you submit a puzzle, also
submit how the puzzle if solved. If you look at my cache finds you will see
that I almost never log them. I am not a good puzzle solver I am not going
to run out and start logging all the puzzles in the state. Actually, if you
look at my logs you will see that I haven't logged any massive amounts of
caches since about geowoodstock 2. I have logged a few but I just never
really get around to it so not to worry, I will not be claiming any FTF's on
your puzzles.  :-) 

As a reviewer, I am prevented from doing so anyway. Your solutions are safe
with me. 

got to run. 

thats about it. 


"Seek quality, not quantity".


Your friendly Missouri Geocache Review team is

Glenn (*gln),   & Mongo 


How to get your cache published quickly: http://tinyurl.com/yhnva3g


Areas needing permission in Mo. http://tinyurl.com/lgyy84

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