[GeoStL] Free 24K Topo Maps for all of IL and MO for Garmin

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  • Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 14:27:35 -0600

When I started making the topo maps, the tools now available to do whole
state projects were not available.  But they are now and the number of maps
coming out is unbelievable.  In the near future there should be free 24K
TOPO map coverage for all of Canada and all of the US except some of Alaska.

Go to:


If my maps cover the area, I would still recommend them as they are fine
tuned and have lots of errors corrected.  So I would just use the other maps
where I do not have a map for.  Also the maps do not have my trails in them
so when you use the other maps, make sure you use my trails.  Also my POI
data is much better than what these maps have so I would also keep it on.

The map for MO is really nice.  But some of the road naming is a bit weird.
My maps are transparent overlays so they work on top of City Navigator. So
you can do street navigation with them.  This map and most maps at
gpsfiledepot are a complete map that has the roads.  But it will not route.
To see this map you have to turn off City navigator.  But it will show over
TOPOUSA2008 if both are enabled.  The maps at GPSFILEDEPOT do not have any
DEM data so they will not show shaded relief on the CO/OR.  However if you
have both topoUSA and one of these maps enabled, the 24K map will show with
shaded relief.

Someone else was also working on a MO state map but this one came out first.
She was going to include all my trail data and she was also going to make a
transparent topo layer for the entire state like my topos.  But she is not
sure what she is going to do now since someone else already made the map.

For IL there are two maps, one similar to the MO map but no issues with road
names.  But it does not have trails or good POI coverage.  There is also a
transparent topo/hydrology map for the entire state similar to mine.   But
there are some problems with it.  First it does not shut off until way high
zoom levels and causes lots of problems when you zoom out as it clutters up
the map really bad and makes draws very slow and it looks bad.  But it works
real good at lower zoom levels.  One issue with the transparent maps is the
lines draw on top of City Navigator.  So the Mississippi in the transparent
maps will cover the roads where they cross the Mississippi.  The way I deal
with this in my maps is I go through and delete things like the Mississippi
since it covers the roads and is already in City Navigator.  The transparent
coverage in the IL map covers most of the STL area so you can use it in Mo
where I do not have a better map.

These are really good maps and those with Garmins should get them and my
maps.  If you do not have City Navigator, download and install the IL and MO
maps, my trails and my POIs and load all of them.  Also remember the IL and
MO maps both do not end cleanly at the boarder.  So make sure you only have
one of the two maps showing.  

There is also a guy that is in the process of making 24K topos for the
Continental US.  So far he has the Southern half done and is currently
working on the PNW.

Jim Bensman
"Nature Bats Last" 


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