[GeoStL] Forest Park Group Hunt

  • From: JimSGreene@xxxxxxx
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 00:23:14 EDT

 I've either done or placed most of the caches in Forest Park, so I  have 
taken the liberty of making a suggested route for tomorrow. This covers the  
multi's except for "How Do You Spell Kache" which is harder to work in, and he  
slightly moved parts of it since I did it 3 years ago. Here is my  suggestions:
1 Implosive View WPT1
2 Cassilly Place for a Cache
3 Moving Cache WPT1
4 One Degree of Separation (My newest cache, placed today)
From Moving Cache Parking, we can go get the 3 in the Zoo:
5 Zoo 3 
6 Zoo 2 Penguin
7 Roar Again
Back to the cars:
8 Animals Always
9 Implosive View Final (8 & 9 can be done from 1 parking place.
10 Forest Park Forever
11 Nanocache
12 How Do You Spell Kache? WPT1
13 Clang 3
14 Was it Elliots Toilet I Saw Final
How Do You Spell Kache? is a five part cache, most of which are pretty easy  
to get to.
Moving Cache I don't know where the final is, we will have to work that in  
when we find the first part.
 I also e-mail a cacher named Kiemer who needed a hint for Cassilly,  and 
asked if he wanted to go along. I haven't heard back yet though.


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