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  • From: "Mark Schiefelbein" <mark_schief@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 20:56:40 -0700

Well, I'll have to be biased Columbia-ward with my nominations too, because somehow I haven't made it to very many caches in St. Louis either! FullQuiver did a good job catching the highlights around here, so some of these I'll just second the nomination for.

Best Cache in an Urban Park - The Great Columbian Multicache by a-pineapple (this is actually MANY urban parks, so I don't know if it technically qualifies)

Best Cache in a County Park - Hmm, there are no county parks around here. How about Devils Icebox by scottfamily (state park) or Garden Log by FullQuiver (semi-private park) instead?

Best Puzzle Cache - Cloak & Dagger, Hammer & Sickle by ooga booga

Seconded. ;) FullQuiver already nominated Murder by spongy_mesophyll for most unusual, but I'd put it here as well.

Best Micro - Little Thunder by FullQuiver
Best Cache with a View - Lover's Leap by Believer
Hardest Cache - Gone Fishin' by A-Pineapple and Spongy_Mesophyll

Seconded. Especially in December when you have to use boulders to break the ice in order to go "fishin'"!

Most Kid Friendly - Cosmo Family Video Cache! by FullQuiver
Most Unusual Cache - Murder by Spongy_Mesophyll

This is a good pick, but I'll also add:

Most Unusual Cache - Little Dixie Buddy Cache by a-pineapple and spongy_mesophyll. Right near I-70, yet so seldom visited.

Most Educational/Historical Cache - Country Church Tour by FullQuiver

Seconded. I would also nominate Jim, the Wonder Dog by Matt1344, but since it's in Marshall it's a bit outside of SLAGA territory.

Best Area for SLAGA members to do a day cache trip - Columbia (please, we want you to come--we're begging you--we have lots of McToys waiting!!) :)

Seconded and thirded!!

--mark/ooga booga

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