[GeoStL] Re: Fake Log Entry??

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Normally I do a cut and past with a general description of why I was in the
area, or who I was with, or special items such as storms in the area,  fresh
snowfall or so forth.  Then add a small note with each about the specific
cache (sometimes long note if there was something special).  However, more
often these days - doing 15 Park-N-Grab for a Micro film canister stuck at
the bottom of a sign in just another cross road with nothing particularly
different than the last one, Its difficult to say too much.  




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I send from my iPad but I write a traditional log. And it is not a "cut and
paste". Those are an aggravation sometimes. 



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I vote for traditional logs - I meet more people that way & of course it's a
main stay of the game.

Rick Rouse -

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I've been on Facebook too long...  I'm looking for the "like" button.

(Not that I have any new caches or anything ..  just sayin')



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Fake Log Entry??


Maybe if we (cache owners) delete this type of log entry (Sent from my
mobile device etc.) the (alleged) cache finder will provide a more
traditional log.  After all, the only reward we get in placing caches is the
actual log entry.  I like it when they at least tell me that the cache is in
good shape or needs something.  
Just my opinion.

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